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My biggest inspiration is nature, a theme that's very prominent in my work. It's my refuge and delight day to day, so it's only natural that it comes through so heavily in my work. Wanting to share this love and appreciation of the natural world in a
beautiful way is where Lauren Thorley Illustration comes in.

My work spans freelance jobs covering editorial, bespoke artwork and branding, a print and giftware shop that I run online and at various events round the country.

The majority of my artwork made for my giftware line is created by hand using a stippling method with fine liner. This process really allows me to slow down and fully take in the form of the subject I'm studying.


All of my products have sustainability in mind - prints are printed on 100% recycled paper with inks made with organic pigments. The inks comply with standard de-inking and recycling practises, so can be reintroduced to the recycling loop once they have been printed.

My textile items are digitally printed as this is a much more
sustainable printing process, creating up to 75% less waste than other printing methods.

If you have any questions about commissions, collaborations or any other enquiries, please send them to


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