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Series of illustrations, each formed around a fact relating to our current ocean crisis 

Sea skeleton

Aquatic animals face an extinction rate five times higher than that of terrestrial animals.

The North Pacific Gyre off the coast of California is the largest oceanic garbage site in the world. There, the number of plastic pieces outnumber total marine life 6:1.

sea pollution

Toxic chemicals in the ocean reach every stage of the food chain, increasing in concentration with each step.

Plastic debris can absorb toxic chemicals that are polluting the water. Plastic never degrades, only gets broken down into smaller pieces. This is then often seen as food by marine life - poisoning it.


There are now over 500 deadzones in the worlds oceans, meaning no life can survive there. This is an equivalent space to the surface of the UK

Over one million seabirds die from ocean pollution each year.

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