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Brewpoint was a new brewery opening in Bedford in 2020. 
Its set to house a taproom, a retail shop, a coffee roastery, staff hub and a visitor centre, 'focused around the creation of exceptional beer'.


"we’re excited to create a space in which people can work, play and gather to experience great food, drinks and entertainment."

During the lockdown of April 2020, Brewpoint put out an open call for artwork.


"We’d love to see your original illustrations that can be used in our pump clips and for prints. It needs to be represent who we are as a brand but also be something that we could happily hang in our pubs or that our lovely customers would be proud to have hanging in the walls of their home.
We want the prints to be fun, light and not take themselves too seriously. We need them to work in an A3 landscape format, however we intend for elements of the prints to be used as pump clips in our new cask range."

I submitted three proposals, two for named beers that they suggested, and one an alteration of some original artwork of mine.


Boneshaker Illustration.jpg
Boneshaker Pump Clip 2.jpg
Boneshaker Pump Clip 1.jpg
Boneshaker Illustration3.jpg
Boneshaker Illustration2.jpg


smiles per gallon merged.jpg
Smiles pump clip.jpg
smiles per gallon.jpg


Snake Pump Clip.jpg
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